The AFWD Youth Team is dedicated to assisting job seekers aged 17 – 24 through the COVID 19 crisis. We are responding to referrals and providing services while our office is closed to the public. Please submit a referral if you need help.

Providing Assistance to Young People in Northern California.

Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), provides assistance for low income youth and young adults to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome barriers blocking completion of their educational and/or employment goals.

AFWD’s Youth Program accomplishes this by offering activities, trainings, mentoring, recognition for achievement, and continued follow-up with youth to ensure their success.

All youth have access to the America's Job Centers of California computer labs; including resume writing assistance, job search assistance, typing tests and other core services.

Who We Serve

*Must fulfill required elements (marked required) and additionally have one of the following considerations:
  • Youth between 17 and 24 (Required)
  • Meet Income Guidelines (Required)
  • Basic Skills Deficient
  • Homeless
  • School Dropout
  • Runaway
  • Foster Child
  • Pregnant or Parenting
  • Need help to finish school
  • Never held a full time job

Our Services

Adult Mentoring

Career & Life Guidance/Planning

Follow-up from Staff

Job Search-Placement Assistance

Professional Staff Assistance

Study Skills Training

Technology Connection

Tutoring for Basic Skills

Vocational Training & Assistance

Work Readiness

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